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Multi Doctor Facilities

Mobile & Emergency Dental

Mobile Dental Service

As an extension of our comprehensive in house clinic options we also offer a range of mobile dental services that enable us to assist the wider community, ensuring that we are able to provide access to excellent services to all those in need of quality oral health care and dental treatments.

Through our mobile services we are able to connect with people from varying demographics including:

  • Aged Care Facilities
  • Childcare centres
  • Schools
  • Regional Areas

We are passionate about what we do and prioritise the health of our patients at all times. This is why we provide high quality services and education to assist in the overall health and wellbeing to as many people in the community as we can. If you wish to connect with us and have us visit your centre to provide check-ups or treatments please contact our friendly team to discuss your options and see how we can best help you. 

Emergency Dental Treatment & Pain Relief

There are often times where unpredictable things occur that we cannot prepare for. This is why we always ensure we are available for our patients in the event of a dental emergency or to offer pain relief for patients that are unable to manage it themselves at home or it has become unbearable. A dental emergency can include things such as sporting injuries, broken teeth, denture repair, excessive toothache or facial swelling. When such events occur it is vital that you seek professional medical help as soon as possible to get the appropriate treatment and prevent any further damage being caused. If you are unsure or feel you need help at any time please call our reception team or come in to the clinic immediately to seek assistance.